Wedding Services

Personalized by Wonders & Weddings

My services aim to plan heartfelt humanist weddings and serve my wedding couples in the best, warmest, most meaningful ways possible. Through three services tailored for you, I’m ready to bring you on an enchanting journey and delightful experiences!

Partial Wedding Planning

You have started planning your wedding already, but not sure what to do next? Or would love a helping hand on your special day?

With this partial planning service, I’ll help you:

– manage many hustles in between
– coordinate on your behalf with other vendors
design the unique wedding timeline

So you can spend quality times with your loved ones and truly enjoy the magic of your wedding day! 

Service starts at 39,000+ Baht

Let me know how we can work together by contacting me for your free initial consultation.

บริการงานแต่งงาน wonders weddings services humanist wedding planner bangkok
บริการงานแต่งงาน wonders weddings services humanist wedding planner bangkok

Full Wedding Planning

Are you determined to ditch all the boring, unfitting, cookie-cutter celebrations? And have your meaningful, personalized wedding in your own unique way?

This is the perfect choice from Wonders & Weddings!

Through the planning process, specially crafted to celebrate the love of two people, I help you:
– discover your true wedding style
– incorporate personal stories into your special event
– source team of vendors on your behalf
– manage your overall wedding budget
– offer creative solutions to concerns you have
– design your unique humanist ceremony

We’ll be working together from the begining to make sure you can relive your dream wedding over and over again with long-lasting impressions.

Service starts at 59,000+ Baht

Tell me all about your excitement and wonderful ideas through free initial consultation!

Personal Consultation

Would you like to find out how you can bring personal elements to create the wedding that is unique to you in your own DIY wedding?

Let me help you out with this special consultation.

I offer total of 90-minute call as the tool to discover your wedding style, how to spend your budget, and help you with any concerns that you may have.

After our calls, you will receive key takeaways that you can use to organize the wedding that you are passionate in creating by yourself.

Session starts at 2,900+ Baht

Book your extra 30-minute call for free here!

บริการงานแต่งงาน wonders weddings services humanist wedding planner bangkok

Important Note: Covid-19 Responses

Please know that I value the safety of yours and your guests above all else. And I want you to have the celebration you deserve without feeling worried.

Therefore, when you book partial or full wedding planning service with Wonders & Weddings, you’ll also receive complimentary Covid-19 risk assessment as a part of your offer. This assessment is available for all couples booking with me.

Learn more about how we can plan a wedding safely, backup plans for rescheduling/cancellations that serve your best interest with free consultation.