Planning LGBTQ+ Weddings

Wonders & Weddings provides supports to plan your LGBTQ+ weddings and help you bring your dream vision to life with values, meanings, and equality!

LGBTQ-inclusive Services

As a founder of Wonders & Weddings, I provide my humanist wedding services to create the society that embraces gender equality, creativity, and compassion.

I’m a certified LGBTQ-inclusive wedding vendor by Equally Wed. It is the biggest educational resource on LGBTQ+ weddings. The certification program supports wedding professionals in many countries worldwide.

The Inspirations: Gender Equality

Just like you, my inspiration to fight for gender equality and equal marriage came from various life experiences. Most inspirations come from my LGBTQ+ friend. But the one event that influenced my support for equal marriage was a couple I saw in the parade at Pride March in 2017.

Learn more about this couple through my blog post:

Image by: Brooke Michelle

Humanist Weddings for Gender Equality

Wonders & Weddings solely focuses on non-religious, personalized wedding services. You may also know them as Humanist Weddings. It is the perfect solution for modern couples of all genders. You will get to celebrate your love in your own styles, shared values, and creativity.

Learn more about Humanist Weddings:

Weddings are Weddings

Before you start planning your wedding, here are the two phrases I want you to remember.

“All Weddings are Equal.”

“Weddings are Weddings.”

This means, while we still have to fight for the fundamental rights of LGBTQ+ couples and equal marriage law in Thailand, the wedding ceremony and reception you have are still as meaningful as the weddings of hetero couples.

Planning Your LGBTQ+ Weddings

At Wonders & Weddings, I will help you:

  • Design your gender-neutral wedding ceremony and receptions
  • Source LGBTQ-inclusive wedding vendors
  • Provide awareness workshops for team members
  • Offer creative solutions to your concerns

You can be confident that this is the safe space for you and your partner while planning your LGBTQ+ weddings.

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Getting Started

If you are ready to plan your wedding with my LGBTQ-inclusive services, feel free to click through the options below.