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Support gender equality, one wedding at a time.

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LGBTQ-inclusive Services

Wonders & Weddings provides humanist wedding services with the vision to create the society that embraces gender equality, creativity, and compassion.


We’re a certified LGBTQ-inclusive wedding vendor by Equally Wed. It is the biggest educational resource and certification program for wedding professionals worldwide. To help vendors like us care for you with support and understanding.

Inspiration from New York City Pride March

Every marriage is worth celebrating!


Wannida – the founder of Wonders & Weddings – is determined to provide best services possibles for brides, grooms, and marriers of all genders.

Our LGBTQ-inclusive services gives you personalized, intimate celebrations outside gender-biased traditions.

One of the biggest inspirations on our services came from the NYC Pride March 2017 that Wannida attended.

She met with an old couple who became her role model to fight for marriage equality in Thailand and gender equality at large.

"Weddings is Wedding"

Before you start planning your wedding, we want you to remember:

“Wedding is Wedding”.

This means, while we still have to fight for marriage equality and the fundamental rights of the LGBTQ+ coommunity in Thailand, the wedding ceremony and/or reception you have are still as meaningful as the weddings of hetero couples.

Vendor Workshop

Every service include the basic of LGBTQ-inclusive practices for weddings in Thailand for vendors free of charge.

Your Safe Space

You can trust that Wonders & Weddings is a safe, understanding space. We always listen and take care of your concern from the first step to the very last second of your wedding.

Free Resources

Our wedding blog features wedding planning tips, inspirations, resources on LGBTQ+, and some of the latest news about gender equality movement in Thailand and other countries.

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