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Wonders & Weddings provides inclusive, intentional, and gender-neutral wedding planning services to help couples and marriers celebrate their special days with creativity and compassion. We're a certified LGBTQ-inclusive wedding vendor by Equally Wed — the biggest educational resource on LGBTQIA+ and same sex weddings, which supports wedding professionals in many countries worldwide.

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Wonders & Weddings services focus on non-religious and personalized wedding ceremonies also known as Humanist Weddings. It is the perfect solution for modern couples and marriers of all genders. You will get to celebrate your marriage in your own styles with freedom and creativity.

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As more and more countries legalize equal marriage law, we're seeing many couples and marriers in the LGBTQIA+ community tie the knots.

In some countries, such as our home Thailand, people are still waiting for the legalization. Couples and marriers can still celebrate their relationships in meaningful ways. This is where our wedding service comes in to support you.

Together with trusted partners, we make dream celebrations come to life and create the memories with your beloved guests while ensure safe, understanding spaces throughout the journey.

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