Neilson Hays Library as a Wedding Venue

My husband and I value our love story and our relationship. So when it comes to planning a wedding, we decided that it must represent who we were. The first thing we were looking for was a unique wedding venue. A non-hotel space that was true to our styles. I visited several places. But I didn’t find THE ONE. Until my friend suggested that I should rented Neilson Hays Library for our wedding.

The first time I visited the library, I could already imagine my husband and myself getting married here in our humanist ceremony. I contacted the library immediately. At the moment, they had renovation going on. We took the waiting time to research and plan what we could. As soon as the library reopened, we paid the deposit right away.

This classic library with stunning architectural design and many well-polished wooden book shelves were all we wanted as book lovers. Neilson Hays Library offers unique qualities as our dream venue. Along with many other advantages that make this place so perfect for our wedding.

Impressive founding story

This library was founded by Doctor Thomas Heyward Hays in the memory of his wife, Jennie Neilson. Jennie loved to read and dedicated for more than 25 years working for the Bangkok’s Ladies Library Association before she passed away. The name Neilson Hays came from family names of both. Opening in 1922, this library has become the home of many amazing books, a historical site, and a living monument of love.

Perfect for intimate celebration

The space can accommodate 50 – 150 people. So it’s one of the best venues for small and micro weddings. You will be celebrating in an intimate ceremony with close family members and friends. The stunning look of the library and the story of love that founded this place will make your day even more special.

Combination of outdoor and indoor areas

When renting Neilson Hays Library for your wedding, you have options to host your event in both outdoor and indoor areas. These areas include the front yard, the reading room, and the gallery. There is also a small café that you can rent as well with additional fee.

No Additional Importing Fees

This is the best part of planning a wedding at this library of love. And the most impressive reason. Because that means wedding couples can select any vendors that suit your event the best. So you can have the wedding in your styles, your way. This also includes services like catering, photographers, and decorations.

Getting Married at Neilson Hays Library

If you feel that this library is the perfect place for you and those you love, I can help bring your wedding vision to life with my humanist wedding planning services. We will work together to design your unique, non-religious ceremonies and sources the team that suits your need the best.

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