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Accompanying couples through numerous meaningful celebrations in the north of Thailand, our team of Chiang Mai wedding planners and coordinators has deepened our fondness for this serene northern city. Chiang Mai offers a wedding experience infused with mountain landscapes, picturesque rice fields, rich Lanna cultural influences, and cold breezes that invite affectionate embraces.

Apart from a variety of nature-centric venues, Chiang Mai can accommodate weddings of all religions and non-religious types. You can also explore a wide range of options in design, décor, catering, and more, with this guide, which introduces you to the city and top venues for your Thailand destination wedding.

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Wonders & Weddings is a wedding planning company, covering various destinations in Thailand, including Chiang Mai. Our team specializes in destination, multicultural, and intimate weddings for modern couples and marriers of all genders. Clients trust us for our insightful knowledge and expertise in the locations we work at, while also providing personalized wedding experience and bespoke design. Our weddings and editorials have been featured on British Vogue, Magnolia Rouge, and many more.

Stunning natural scenery


what we love about chiang mai

Picture misty mountains with refreshing breezes, numerous enchanting temples, vast rice plantations, and lush forests, among other diverse landscapes — those are what make Chiang Mai a dream location for many couples and destination wedding planners alike.

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Rich northern Thai culture


The 700-year Lanna cultural heritage, which is the city’s root, can add meaningful touches to your celebration, from unique architecture to decor and design. The delightful blend of Thai, Burmese, and Chinese cuisine will put an extra layer of flavor to your celebration.

Cozy weather for outdoor weddings


Lastly, a pleasant climate concludes Chiang Mai as an excellent location for destination weddings, especially from November to January when the city enjoys its best temperatures, as well as the many festivities, including Yi Peng Lantern Festival, which fills the colors in the already delightful province.

Countless charming locations are sure to be on many Chiang Mai wedding planners' venue lists, and our absolute favorites go to:

top chiang mai wedding venues 137 pillars house chiang mai wedding planner

137 Pillars House

Despite being just a short drive from Chiang Mai International Airport, 137 Pillars House Chiang Mai offers a peaceful escape in a 130-year-old Colonial Lanna architecture style.
top chiang mai wedding venues four seasons chiang mai wedding planner

Four Seasons

The Four Seasons Resort is where the emerald rice fields meet the mountain ranges, setting the scene for ultimate relaxation.
top chiang mai wedding venues panviman chiang mai wedding planner

Panviman Resort Spa

Panviman is a lovely venue for weddings amidst mountain views, where Lanna-inspired décor is complemented by blooming flowers of the North.
top chiang mai wedding venues sela chiang mai wedding planner


Weddings at SELA can be arranged amidst peaceful ambience, elegant indoor dining rooms, and the rich cultural heritage.
top chiang mai wedding venues anantara chiang mai wedding planner

Anantara Chiang Mai

This Anantara Resort, which sits by the Ping River near historic temples and artisan villages, is another jewel for elegant weddings.
top chiang mai wedding venues raya heritage chiang mai wedding planner

Raya Heritage

Weddings at Raya Heritage can indeed combine the beauty of nature, modernity, and the waterside essence.
top chiang mai wedding venues heritage house and garden chiang mai wedding planner

The Heritage House & Garden

The hotel exclusively hosts private countryside-theme weddings in a scenic valley and foothills, complemented by European-inspired manor houses and cottages.
top chiang mai wedding venues villa mahabhirom chiang mai wedding planner

Villa Mahabhirom

Nestled in Chiang Mai's serene landscape with a short drive from the airport, Villa Mahabhirom offers an exquisite outdoor wedding experience surrounded by stunning gardens or the pool, and captivating natural beauty.
top chiang mai wedding venues rachamankha chiang mai wedding planner


This place is all about relaxation, open space, and utmost privacy. If you appreciate a secluded wedding in a setting with remarkable architecture, you could love this place.

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Chiang Mai is one of our favorite locations and we definitely love visiting this lovely city. As your Chiang Mai wedding planner, Wonders & Weddings helps our clients choose the perfect venue, provide creative direction to decorate and elevate already-so-stunning settings with mountain views and greenery, as well as manage the big day to ensure you enjoy all Chiang Mai has to offer. Here are some of our past weddings in Chiang Mai.

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panviman resort spa

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Wedding Season in Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai's wedding season, spanning from October to February, embodies an enchanting allure for couples seeking a memorable ceremony. This period boasts a blissful climate, averaging temperatures between 22°C to 30°C, creating a picturesque setting for outdoor celebrations. Outside of the city can experience slightly lower temperature as you're surrounded by the mountains and natural forests.

Venue & Vendor Options

Ideal for outdoor weddings, Chiang Mai's wedding venues epitomize elegance with a touch of cultural heritage. From historic temples exuding serenity to luxurious resorts nestled amidst lush landscapes, the city offers a diverse array of settings to match your dream celebration. Accomplished vendors in Chiang Mai provide exceptional services ranging from skilled florists, string quartet bands, to candid photographers. You also have options to fly in vendors from other cities with slightly higher investment to cover their travel. We recommend planning your wedding in Chiang Mai 12-16 months in advance to allow enough time to secure the venue and all vendors you'd love to work with, as well as for you and your beloved guests to plan their trips.

Planning an unforgettable wedding in Chiang Mai, Thailand's cultural haven, can be both exciting and overwhelming experiences due to different logistics and arrangements needed.

Our detailed guide here offers insights into wedding details, personal travel arrangement tips, and information for your stay.

Travel to Chiang Mai

Travel planning in Chiang Mai is seamless, boasting an international airport (CNX) and regional transit points, including buses and trains. The city's efficient local transport, including red mini vans and taxis, simplifies navigating its enchanting streets. Staying in the old town or within Nimman area will also allow you to enjoy the city with walking distances to many cafes and restaurants. Overall, you and your guests can effortlessly explore the city's cultural treasures.

top chiang mai wedding venues four seasons chiang mai wedding planner

Things to do in Chiang Mai

If you're planning a destination wedding in Chiang Mai and want to take full advantage of your stay, the city offers plenty to do.

Try exploring the many exquisite temples like Wat Phra Singh and Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, hiking in the Doi Inthanon National Park or the other natural parks and mountains, and shopping at the famous Chiang Mai Night Bazaar market that offers everything from crafts to local cuisine.

Chiang Mai's spas are also a no-skip, thanks to their unique embrace of a relaxed, nature-inspired approach that offers a sense of tranquility and comfort. What sets them apart is the distinctive traditional touches, including Lanna-style massages.

Working with Chiang Mai wedding planner

Your dream Chiang Mai wedding deserves meticulous planning, from selecting the perfect luxury resorts and finding the most authentic culinary choices to arranging flights and so on. Our team of Chiang Mai wedding planners with comprehensive wedding services and local expertise can address any worries — be it cultural considerations or seasonal climate — to ensure a smooth special day.

For an intimate wedding in Chiang Mai that combines cultures with contemporary values, Wonders & Weddings would love to be your guide. We handle everything from day one to your special day. Our approach is inclusive, embracing all forms of love, and focused on creating a celebration that is all about you and your story. Start by filling us in about your need in the form below, and we will be in touch.

Discover the allure of Chiang Mai as your dream wedding destination with insights and helpful information from Chiang Mai wedding planner — Wonders & Weddings.

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