Year Review 2020 สรุปความทรงจำปี 2020 Wonders & Weddings เวดดิ้งแพลนเนอร์ กรุงเทพ

Year Review 2020 with Wonders & Weddings

Exactly what’s in my mind, 2020 is a lot of thing! From my side, I’d even say it’s been the most extreme 12-month-long rollercoaster ride since I remembered. And this will be more than a year review 2020 because we all will remember – oh, THAT YEAR!

But just as how my personal journal goes, I want to remember the most what I have learned and how I have grown through the lens of my work at Wonders & Weddings.

Changes in the Wedding Industry

When traveling was no longer a feasible option amid the global pandemic, redesigning the system and planning process were the most important steps I took.

From the start, couples can work with me through various online platforms until almost the very end, except, as you know, the month-of and the wedding day. You can throw that typical 10-page wedding checklist down the trash bin and use the one-page version I personalize for you to enjoy this transition instead!

In terms of wedding trends, minimal wedding style was the most frequent inquiry I received. I’ve also seen so many more micro and small weddings this year, which positively tells us that love is not canceled when creativity takes over strict traditions and unnecessarily large gathering.

Here’s why new-normal weddings are meaningful.

Support for Gender Equality

This is the topic that really brought me smiles. Wonders & Weddings wouldn’t exist without taking a look through the world, love, relationships, marriages, and the wedding industry through humanist and feminist perspectives.

It wasn’t easy to start. It won’t be any easier in the future with a long journey ahead to what we can call our goal.

But everything has been nothing less than rewarding. I remembered telling people if one person can build their business around caring for behaviors and mental health of little kittens, I can as well build my wedding planning business for gender equality. (Because everything we do can serve someone!)

Here are the top three projects of this year:

I also had a chance to give an interview on Feminista Thailand about humanist weddings and the stories that inspired my business. And this was one of my most cherished memories.

Encourage Weddings with Values

Despite numerous changes or postponements both couples and wedding business owners have experienced, one thing that I hold onto dearly is the belief that everyone deserves the best wedding.

And that means supporting couples in the best ways I can, whether they become my clients or not.

The truth is, not every wedding will need a wedding planner. Not every couple can afford to continue their weddings in tough time. Not every person can spend a fortune for their one-day celebration like they hope when their jobs become unstable.

But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the best weddings with the resources that they have.

Wonders & Weddings in 2021

With this thought in mind, I will continue providing helpful information for couples to plan your weddings to be the most meaningful, most memorable in your own terms. Through this part of my job as a wedding planner that I really enjoy – like writing blog posts – it’s a win-win for everyone.

I have learned that many of my posts came from what I wanted to right, but not always what couples want to know.

Starting from 2021, this will change!

Besides being your go-to wedding planning service for that intimate, non-religious, one-of-a-kind celebration that fill your heart with love and joy, I will work to provide the safe, understanding space for couples of all genders.

And help you enjoy your journey from engagement to getting married in the most wonderful way.

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