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Small Weddings Tips

For couples who dream of having a small or micro wedding, I want to share some small wedding tips with you! To begin with, the successful way to ensure your small and micro weddings are filled with love, fun, and happiness, is to personalize your event. There are many ways to do this on your own terms. For starters, here are five personal tips from me.

1. Choose the venue you really love

When you have less than 100 guests in your event, renting a hotel ballroom for 500 people may not be the most suitable options. Look for some cozy restaurants, cute cafes, nice art galleries, or small-sized event venues. Or organize your wedding at your own home.

Unique wedding venues in Bangkok

2. Figure out your true style

Think about what you want to see in your wedding. What are you wearing? How are the tables decorated? What does your wedding day feel like?

Perhaps your attire is not a puffy princess gown or a traditional black tie costume. Perhaps you and your partner make two grooms and you both want to have your own bouquets. Make a list of all these things and put them in your wedding.

3. Design the spaces creatively

Start planning your event by naming the tables with themes. Or arrange the seats in different shapes. If you allow families to bring their children, set up a kid’s corner for them. Make a beautiful tablescape with options of kitchenware and paper notes ready. So if the social distancing is in place, your guests can still enjoy the party.

4. Create the new timeline

Imagine how amazing it will be on your wedding day when you can actually sit down and eat the meals you carefully select! You no longer have to run around to dozens of tables for pictures while your guests are eating. Instead, with small and micro weddings, you can arrange for half an hour or longer to eat. Then spare even more time to talk to your friends, and really enjoy your wedding day.

5. Celebrate with a humanist ceremony

Make the most out of your small or micro wedding by having a humanist ceremony. Have your loved ones joining you as you say yes to the love of your life. Talk about your relationship, the memories you make together, and how you respect each other with equality. There are so many options for you to choose from, whether you want to tie the knot, exchange the rings, feed chocolate bites, or create your own ways to be married.

What is a humanist wedding?

Want to plan a small or micro wedding?

Having a small or micro wedding doesn’t mean it has to be DIY. Working with a wedding planner who understands your vision can help you enjoy your special day without stress and worries. Start planning your wedding, discovering your style, and sharing ideas on how we can fill your wonderful wedding day with love and memories.

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