Frequently Asked Questions

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Have some questions in mind? Please read below for my answers about planning a humanist wedding.

Wedding Planning

What is the minimum time I need for booking your services?

  • This really depends on the size, style, and the different process we must work on together to plan your wedding. In general, I recommend that you book the selected services at least 3-6 months for the full wedding planning services. For others, you can book them within 1-3 months prior to your wedding.

What are the payment methods you accept?

  • At the moment, I only accept payment by cash and bank transfers.

Do you also do Thai traditional ceremonies in the wedding?

  • Yes, if you have the part of the traditional ceremony that you really love. As long as the ceremony is non-religious and equally-celebrated, I can help you incorporate this ceremony into your unique wedding timeline. Or we can work together to modify it on your terms.

Do you plan children-free or children-friendly weddings?

  • I plan both! Weddings with and without children have different kinds of fun. And I’m happy to help you plan the one that you like.

Humanist Weddings

Are you the only wedding service that focuses on humanist events?

  • I believe I’m the first to position my business solely on humanist weddings. Although, many businesses have planned this type of weddings before. I hope there will be more humanist wedding service in Thailand and support gender equality through weddings and marriages.

Do you plan weddings in Bangkok for expats or international couples?

  • Of course! I speak fluent English and have cosmopolitan working experiences. So I will be happy to work with you too.

Can LGBTQ+ couples get married when the Thai government still hasn’t legalized our marriage yet?

  • You can have a wedding reception and a humanist ceremony to announce your love with your partner. While a humanist wedding cannot provide you the legal registration and rights that you deserve, it is a great alternative to celebrate with families and friends who truly accept you as who you are.

New-normal Weddings

What do you think will be the new-normal weddings?

  • I believe the micro or small weddings will be more popular. For this option, you may decide to organize your weddings at homes or a small, unique space that can accommodate enough of 50+ guests. Vendors and venues will have disinfection services in place before, during, and after the weddings finish. And the length of the wedding may be shortened for sometimes.

How do you prepare for the new-normal weddings?

  • I require that all my vendors and team members are wearing protective equipment at all times. Also, space and items must be disinfected before, during, and after the weddings as seen necessary.
  • I offer special postponing options in response to covid-19.
  • My services focus on space and experience designs. This will make the weddings enjoyable even when everyone has to sit 1.5 meters apart.

Do you offer wedding planning software and website?

Still have more questions?