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Minimal Wedding Trends

Are you planning your perfect day with simple, effortless styles? Then you are going to love this post. I have selected several wedding vendors to feature their works. And give you the inspirations for ceremonies and receptions through minimal wedding elements.

For me, minimal wedding trends are not just trends. They are the perfect representation of your personality, styles, and preferences. Couples who love minimal weddings are often those who are also easy-going, caring, and kind. The sustainability is important for their core values.

So if this sounds like you. Let’s dive into some minimal wedding details from these amazing wedding vendors.

Simple, Elegant Invitations

Sophisticated-looking stationery plays an important role. They give your guests great impression of how you wedding would look like. However, having a stylish font pairing with least patterns and images can do the trick.

Image: Manita Wedding Prints

Minimal Styled Flowers

When planning for a minimal wedding, you want to have small-sized flowers and floral elements instead of all elaborated centerpieces and bouquets. Choose cute, delightful color combinations. Stick to the minimal, well-arranged designs.

Images: Flower in the Mist – minimal and vibrant

Images: Wildflora Studio – minimal and a little wild

Lovely Minimal Cakes

You can have wedding cakes for cake cutting or for simply enjoying them as desserts after your meals. A minimal wedding cake gives you the chance to serve the people you love with care and good taste. You can also choose to have cupcakes or other desserts in cohesive designs as the perfect final touch to your party.

Images: Dandelion Cake

Minimal wedding trends can be implemented with the events of all sizes. Especially for micro and small weddings. So that your wedding day can have the holistic design of the simple, yet stylish celebration.

The perfect combination I want to offer for you is:

If a simple, meaningful, intimate wedding day sounds like what you picture, we can work together and get started with a free 30-minute consultation.

Want more inspirations? Don’t worry!

Please browse and follow this “Minimal & Stylish” wedding board on Pinterest.

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