Humanist Wedding Experience: Poon+Note

Humanist Weddings are intimate, non-religious celebrations that are becoming more popular in Thailand and many other countries. This is the type of wedding that reflects your shared values and love. It’s the perfect answer for couples of all genders who dream of simple yet meaningful celebrations.

In this post, you will be reading thoughts and feelings from the couple Poon and Note who had their humanist wedding at 137 Pillars House in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The local vendors organized this event in March 2020. You can check them out through the link at the end of the article.

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Learning Dream Wedding Style

What’s your wedding style and how your dream wedding looked like?

“I wanted to have a wedding that represented who I am. The guests would be only close families and friends – like we all joined together for a happy gathering. Minimal weddings. I could see mine as an outdoor, intimate event with personal details. Because I didn’t like weddings that are too crowded with too many guests. It was clear from the beginning that my wedding wouldn’t be like that.”

Getting to know a Humanist Wedding

When did you first learn about Humanist Weddings?

“I didn’t know this particular term before. But I talked to my French colleague about getting married. I explained that my wedding would have just small numbers of guests, no speech from a VIP, no backdrop, and no video presentation*. Then my colleague then told me this was a humanist wedding.”

Why did you choose to go for a Humanist Wedding?

“I explained this concept to my husband and did some research around this topic. It resonated with me. I’m a Buddhist. But my husband isn’t really into religious ceremonies. Humanist wedding seemed like the right word and it really suited both of us as a wedding couple.”

How did you feel on your wedding day?

“I was so excited many days before the wedding and was relaxed on the day-of. Turned out, my husband was the most excited one on that day. Our wedding was very lovely. We shared our personal speeches. I could feel that the relationships and friendships between our guests and us were strengthened because we were close to them. We got to cut and pass to them our wedding cakes. They loved our first dance. I felt that this wedding was really unique and was showing our styles and personalities!”

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Experiences with Humanist Wedding

How many scores would you give to your wedding from 1-10?

“Full 10! I love it so much!!!!!! I’ve always dreamed of having such a wedding, and then my dream came true.”

What are the feedback from your families and guests?

“Everyone is our families is an introvert. Our parents gave us total freedom to decide what we wanted in our wedding. We received great feedback from our families and the guests. My parents said it’s beautiful and that more couples should have humanist weddings. Other guests loved it too, even if many of them have never been to a wedding like ours. My friends also said it looked like it came out of Pinterest. Everyone was very happy and really enjoyed the day. ”

Working with Wedding Planner & Team

Did you have any obstacles while planning your wedding?

“What I was worried about the most was the venue. My husband and I decided we wanted to get married in Chiang Mai, which was the place we liked. That required all of our guests to travel. But everyone was happy to do so, which made our wedding even more memorable.”

“Another issue I was worried about was finding a wedding planner. At first, I thought I could take anyone. But when I started reaching out to them and explained that I wanted to have a humanist wedding, no one understood me. Finally, I found a wedding design company based in Chiang Mai. I talked to them and I could feel a connection. I put the booking deposit right away.”

What are the advantages of having a wedding planner?

“In the beginning I wanted to be a DIY bride. But it didn’t work out. I decided to trust a professional team, so that I wasn’t too exhausted as a bride. They took care of everything, coordinated on the wedding day, and have plan B for unexpected circumstances. I requested that my husband and I have time to sit down and enjoy our meals with our guests. When the team was taking care of everything, the wedding went smoothly.”

Advices and Feelings From the Bride

What do you want to tell future wedding couples who are interested in humanist weddings?

“I love my wedding very much and I’m extremely happy!!! We can decide what we want with freedom. We didn’t have to pay for what we thought was not important. It’s the way we presented ourselves. I believe many couples want to have such weddings and I think it’s gonna be common in the future.

If you want to have a humanist wedding, you must be firm for yourself. You have one chance at your wedding. So make sure that the picture you will remember for the rest of the time is the best one you carry with you and make you the happiest person.”

Planning Your Humanist Wedding in Thailand

If you are interested to have a humanist wedding in Bangkok or nearby areas, we’ll happy to help you plan and personalized your event with my services. Your unique love story will be the biggest inspiration of the event. So you can be confident that your wedding won’t be made out of a cookie cutter.

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Vendors: Photo: Pepperismint (Mint047) | Design: Sabudbob Studio

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