Christian + Wannida


The intimate, vintage-style wedding reception of Christian and Wannida with swing music at Neilson Hays Library

Photographer: Coffee Photo | Wedding Flowers: Wildflora Studio | Venue: Neilson Hays Library

From Wedding Guests

Everything Feels Right

Everything is just right. The love is overwhelming (in a good way!). So sweet and cozy!

Nittha W.


Such a wonderful and heartwarming wedding.

Papravee P.


The wedding was memorable (even though I didn’t catch the bouquet!)

Anak S.

Genuine Celebration of Love

The wedding ceremony itself was warm and cozy. As the venue was small (compared to my usual impression of weddings), there was less space between guests. It wasn’t cramped — more like a house party with all the warmth associated with it. It was the kind of romance seldom seen on television — unimpeded by unnecessary grandiose. It wasn’t a theater, but a real, genuine celebration and declaration of love.

Tan B.

Show What Really Matters

Down to earth with a sense of style, a wedding ceremony that humbly invited guests to really become a part of their love story and gently reminded us of what actually matters about weddings.

Bette U.

Heartfelt Experience!

The wedding ceremony wasn’t just a ceremony at all. There were excitement and fun! To the heartfelt and compassionate moments where you feel their great delicacy and dedication to behind this magical, well-organized wedding. It’s the wedding I will never forget.

Poufai K.

Lovely & Enjoyable

The wedding was lovely! I like the fact that I don’t feel out of place at all even though I was going there alone. Throughout the event, all the guests get to participate and i find it very enjoyable. Wish all the weddings are like that. 🥰🥰

Tera R.

Adorable Reception

The wedding was so adorable, touchable, and marvelous.


My Great Pleasure!

“It was a beautiful evening at one of the cutest weddings ever. Truly my great pleasure to be able to witness such wedding that in all details defines the bride and the groom themselves perfectly.”

Naim R.

Filled With Love

It’s the wedding that truly represents the couple. The day was filled with love and affection to every detail. Nobody left out, no unnecessary sequences. Even as a guest, it left you with a warm afterglow and made you realize how every wedding should be.

Thanyanan Y.

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