budget wedding งานแต่งงานแบบประหยัด

Lovely Bride & Her Budget Wedding

This article is an interview with Chada, the owner of a Facebook page called “ผู้หญิงหาทำ” (Pooyinghatarm). She started this page to explain her process on planning a budget wedding. It was an intimate, fun celebration with a brief ceremony on a budget of 50,000 Baht.

I invited Chada to share her thoughts and process behind this budget wedding. If you are planning to celebrate with a limited budget, I hope you will receive some ideas and inspirations for your own wedding.

Personal Thoughts Behind

What was your wedding vision like? What was your preferred style?

“I started planning this wedding from knowing what I liked, what I wanted. And I usually go for it. When I was planning my wedding, my husband and I had a limited time of only one month. So the key was to have it on a budget and choose what we liked. I didn’t go for a specific style.

“I’m not a smiley person and I would never tried to smile to someone I didn’t know. There’s this scenario in my head. If I had to greet so many strangers, I’d rather cancel the wedding. I think it’s really exhausting and it takes too much energy. So I only invited those who I was really close with, not just anyone.”

What are the most important ingredients in your wedding?

“Myself, my husband, and people I’d like to share this special moment with. For other elements, I chose from what I liked and feel inspired by the beautiful wedding pictures I’ve seen.”

Wedding Day’s Atmosphere

How did your wedding day go? What was your most favorite part?

“We had very limited preparation time and decided to go for the simplest option. On the wedding day, it was raining. We waited for some times. Then my dad walked me to my husband who was waiting. Then we started with a brief interview with our emcee, exchanged our rings and our vows, kissed, tossed the bouquet, and ended with speeches from families and friends. Food was available throughout the hours. My favorite part was the atmosphere.”

How did you feel with your wedding?

“I never really take part in any formal events before. On the wedding day, we cut off so many steps. But the rest fit with our expectations. And I was very happy.”

What were the obstacles while planning your wedding?

“There was a small accident, like the groom’s attire was accidently switched. We had to find a new suit for him before the wedding.

“Then there was also a challenge when I announced my wedding date. Generally, I told everyone I wanted to invite only a small number of people. Some friends were worried that I might offend those who weren’t invited. I would say that this wasn’t really an obstacle. Rather a gentle reminder to observe my thoughts.

“When I decided that this was really what I wanted, I continued. We had 60-70 guests from my side, my husband’s, and a small number of guests from our parents. People who knew us understood our decision.”

Budget Wedding Tips

What you’d like to suggest couples who plan a budget wedding?

“Don’t pay too much attention to having everything. Choose only what you truly wanted. Personally, I didn’t want to have many things going on. If it’s not good enough, I’d rather not have it. In the end, my guests were the most important part. And no one had to pay for this.”

What’s special about your budget wedding dress?

“Many people have asked me about my dress. Because it looked very unique. I went to a store, tried it, and rented it right away. I’d recommend to look around in different places, not only at bridal stores.

“It’s up to your perspective what you like and what you can wear. I like dresses with laces, so I was searching for it until I found it. Usually, I was very quick with this kind of stuff. This was quite an easy task.”

budget wedding งานแต่งงานแบบประหยัด

Planning a Humanist Wedding

What’s your experience with humanist wedding?

“The way I thought of this type of wedding was an easy-going wedding. I invited those who I was really close with and received great feedback. The guests could chat with each other. Everyone paid attention to the event. Everyone was as touched as we were in our wedding. When they all were familiar with one another, the whole atmosphere was really enjoyable.”

Is it necessary to hire a wedding planner?

“In my wedding, I had helps from my friends. We knew each other well. And they have talents and experiences in managing an event. So I didn’t have to hire a team. The venue’s owner was a relative of my friend. If you can manage and sources everything, while keeping your budget tight, you can organize it by yourself. But if you don’t have enough information and feel overwhelmed to do everything on your own, your wedding planner can help you.”

If you were to hire a planner, what would be their qualities?

“I didn’t know this type of (humanist) wedding before. But when I read through the website, I felt that we shared common grounds. That’s one point. Moreover, I’d also look for their understanding, ability to see through my needs, and talents.”

If you are interested to read a detailed review and breakdowns from a lovely budget wedding, you can follow Chada on her page “ผู้หญิงหาทำ” and learn more from there.

I totally understand that hiring a wedding planner is not a feasible option for everyone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a wedding you truly enjoy in your own way.

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