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Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ Rights, and Free Speech

Last week, with Black Lives Matter, I blacked out on all social media platforms. Many wedding business owners and educators came together to have crucial conversations on races and ally-ship.

Most conversations were hosted by the experts from United States. It was a simultaneous, yet much needed move. Everything happened along with worldwide anti-racism movements and the social-distancing version of Pride Month.

Black Lives Matter and Equality in Thailand

As a humanist wedding service provider, it’s important to join those conversations. And see how everyone came together to support black and LGBTQ+ community.

Butmy heart broke again after learning about the abduction of a Thai activist called Wanchalerm, who criticized the Prime Minister of our country hours before his absence.

Everyone shattered into pieces with this along with many horrible news.

What Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ Rights, and Freedom of Speech in Thailand have in common? They are all the calls for fair treatment, mutual respects, and equal rights.

I decided that I started talking about this. Because I believe such oppressions should never happen with anyone.

Equality in Wonders & Weddings

The first half of 2020 and everything have taught me to speak up and stand my grounds. I may feel scared. No one may stand with me. But it’s important that I do it. And be the part to create the changes I believe in.

With this in mind, I promise to operate Wonders & Weddings with inclusion and equal respects to all stakeholders. Regardless of genders, ages, races, identities, and experiences.

I will share kind, helpful content that support humanist weddings, gender equality, creativity. And encourage you to be true to who you are with those you love. I also promise to speak out about our grounds on social movements and other important issues.

And I will be working hard to be the changes I want to see – one wedding at a time.

Read our Community Guideline and About Page.

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