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These are 5 Advantages of Humanist Weddings

In this blog post, I’d like to introduce you 5 advantages of humanist weddings.

I know a lot can go on in your minds when you learn about something new. Especially, when it comes to wedding-related topics. You may think it’s better to play safe. So that, everything is in order and come out as perfect as they are supposed to. But we both know, deep down, that’s not what you really are routing for.

What if I tell you “Humanist Wedding” is the perfect solution that gives you a healthy balance of a well-organized celebration and the exciting, new experience that will leave the long-lasting impressions.

Advantages of Humanist Weddings

Here are the top five advantages of Humanist Weddings that will make you and everyone fall in love with your wedding like you fall in love with each other.

1) You save money and time 

By spending your money only on what you really care about in your wedding, you can avoid paying extra for what you don’t really need. Instead, you can spend less to rent a venue you really like and save the rest for more food, decorations, or save up for the most important part – your marriage!

2) You have so much FREEDOM and personalization

It doesn’t always have to be strict steps of what happens before what. Humanist weddings don’t have patterns at all. You can choose what goes into your timeline and we can write it from the scratch. The event can go as long as the whole day or as short as three hours. It’s up to what you and your partner decide.

3) You are surrounded by the people you love

What happens when you invite only small numbers of guests? You choose to invite those who are really important! Celebrating with close families and friends are one of the best things you can do in a wedding. No more of those anxious feelings when you meet someone and you have NO IDEA who they are. It’s time that you can be your true self. And everyone can spend quality time together.

4) You can support gender equality

One of the values humanist weddings hold is equality. You will not have gender-biased traditions and ceremonies. You won’t feel limited by traditional gender roles. If you and your partner are an LGBTQ+ couples, I’ll be very happy to work with you too. Wonders & Weddings is an LGBTQ-inclusive wedding vendor. You can be sure that my team and I will treat you with respect. You can also choose to support the organizations of your choice.

5) You will realize the best wedding is YOURS

When every wedding is almost the same, you cannot help it to compare one wedding to another. “Maybe this flower is slightly better than another?” “I should do this instead of that.” But when your wedding is SO YOU. No one needs to compare or compete with anyone. Humanist Weddings can give you the best experience you can have from the special love stories that represent you and your partner.

Considering your wedding

You love is a unique, one-of-a-kind phenomenon that only happens once in the world. I believe your wedding should be as unique and as fulfilling. Remember, it’s the special day to be designed for you and the people you love and not be risked by playing safe in those cookie cutter wedding packages.

​Wonders & Weddings offers the services that are well-crafted to suit you.

Let me be a helping hand and work with you to create that very special day you can cherish for the rest of your life. Book this free 30-minute consultation to get started. You will receive your personal note along with the proposal after your call!

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